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Traditional Binaural Beat



Use this resource at your own risk.

It is usually advised that pregnant women, people with epilepsy, people with pacemakers, and those on drugs that lower the seizure threshold should avoid brainwave entrainment (BWE). This advice is important for users of visual BWE which uses a strobing light to induce their trance. However, after many years and millions of youtube views, BWE "audio" seems to have generated no adverse reaction reports, and some youtubers have stopped including any warnings with such videos.

This resource offers a new type of audio BWE, the Isochronic Binaural Beat, that is more powerful than traditional forms. Possibly it will cause an adverse reaction someday. If you worry about things like that, choose the Traditional Binaural Beat instead.

The trance state has momentum and can persist for several minutes after the audio ends. This momentum makes the Meditation Boot video powerful, because it means the trance state is far easier for the student to maintain than create unaided. If you need to end a trance quickly, try setting-off an alarm clock or doing something else that will give you a spike of adrenaline.

Obviously, because it causes super-relaxation and slows your thinking, you would not want to use an alpha or theta beat while (or immediately before) driving or cooking or doing anything else that requires critical thinking.

Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) Information

BWE causes the brain to coordinate the firing of its neurons with an external beat. When the beat is set within the alpha or theta frequency range, it produces a state of consciousness very much like meditation. If you try the Meditation Boot video, you will find that your mind becomes quiet and your awareness becomes focused on your body.

Here's an in-depth resource about BWE: The Ultimate Guide To Brainwave Entrainment. The rest of this page will add a few key pieces of info that other sources omit.

According to An electroencephalographic (EEG) study on the zen meditation (zazen), novice meditators tend to produce an alpha wave above 10 Hz, while masters lower their alpha wave deep into the theta. The study presents an interesting table (fig 13) that relates brainwave activity during zen meditation to the number of years spent practicing it. The table shows this:
    Most students with 5 or less years of practice could only achieve stage one meditation: the production of a weak alpha wave above 10 Hz.

    Half of the students with between 5 and 20 years experience achieved stage three: the production of a strong alpha wave below 10 Hz. None of them achieved stage four.

    Half of the masters with 20 or more years of experience achieved stage four: the production of an alpha wave in the theta range of 6 to 7 Hz.
The results suggest that the stage four theta frequencies might be best for absorbing ideas. However, in practice the mind's ability to understand spoken language fades-out at around 8 Hz. Below that, normal language sounds like an unknown foreign tongue. This resource simulates stage three meditation with 8.5 and 9 Hz BWE.

Although we can't feel it, our body's muscles flex and relax ten times per second when we are calm and alert. When we're relaxed the frequency is lower and when we're stressed it's higher. The speed is a measure of our muscles' readiness to spring into action. This Physiological Tremor is not goverened by the alpha wave, which governs our state of subconsciousness, but by a similar wave in another part of the brain called the mu wave. When researchers discovered that our muscles' stress vibrations were imprinted in the voice, they quickly turned it into the most popular lie detector on the market: the voice stress analysis (VSA) lie detector. In VSA technology, 11-12 Hz indicates dishonesty, 10 Hz is neutral, and 8-9 Hz indicates honesty.


The default session is intended to alleviate depression. You can add some of the specialized affirmations, or remove others to focus on your interest. The most important affirmations are the ones about honor and self-forgiveness. They address the suppressed feelings of guilt and shame that destroy our self-esteem and promote self-destructive behaviours. Forty five minute sessions are recommended, with a 15 minute voice delay to establish a strong trance. The repetition is boring but required.

The player controls are self-evident, but you will need to balance the volume between the voices and video. Do that by starting the video, then clicking a voice actor's name to hear their voice. Once it sounds right, you can click the "start session" button without needing to reset the video.

Headphones or ear buds are required, and they must be balanced so you can hear the sound clearly with both ears.

If you relax and let it happen, the video soundtrack will induce super-relaxation and a greatly reduced awareness in five to fifteen minutes. Because you will be super-relaxed and mentally dimmed, you should lay down, recline, or seat yourself in a way that won't hurt you if you zone all the way out and topple over.

From my experience, if you are old you may expect to see a large effect if you try this a few days in a row. If you are young, with less mental baggage, it may work quicker. Sleeping between sessions is probably important. My advice to those wanting to quit smoking (or some such thing) is to not try. Just do several sessions and forget about it. One day you will simply not want to smoke.


Voiceover Artists:
    Ben Ayers
    Sheila Williams
    Brad bonnell
    Bonnie bogovich

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Music: Jesse Gallagher

Invention: Brad Dennis


This website is the first incarnation of a potential emotional healing technology. It worked great on the author, but nobody else has used it prior to this website's release. You are encouraged to be a guinea pig and see if it works for you.

This resource currently needs a better set of affirmations, and it needs to be expanded to 32 voices to better simulate a group-think consensus. Hopefully an IndieGoGo campaign will be able to finance these upgrades. A dvd-based lucid dreaming option will be released later this year, as a final stage to this resource.

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I'm currently in the middle of a long distance move, so this site won't be updated until the middle of Sept. It's currently beta testing and still under construction.